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When disposing of computer hard drives, tapes and other media it is simply not enough to delete, reformat or overwrite the information. The only solution that guarantees 100% data erasure from all types of hard drive including laptops is to use a degausser.

The degaussing process can be used to ensure that data contained is removed completely and cannot be recovered.

High energy degaussers & erasers designed to completely erase computer hard drives including laptops. Once degaussed, data cannot be recovered. Handling security risks and sensitive data with ease, our range of security degaussers are capable of completely erasing data to certified levels. CESG, NATO and DoD approved. Degaussers to erase all forms of magnetic tape including VHS, CCTV, DAT tapes, reels and data tapes including DLT, S-DLT, LTO, Diskettes, 3450, 3490, TK50 and more. Hard drive Destruction. Powerful units to provide hard disk drive physical destruction. Visual proof of destruction. Both Motor & Manual Operated Hard Drive Destroyers

Eyecote International Complete magnetic media erasure, degauss for security hard drives, server drives, tapes, floppy disks, video, DAT, data


We reserve the right to amend all specifications without notice.

Eyecote has been providing equipment and services to the Security, Data Recording, Entertainment and Media Manufacturing industries for more than 30 years.

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