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The Crunch 250 - Destroy Hard Drives and Solid State Drives.

  • Destroys HDD’s and SSD’s
  • Crushes a drive in only 9 seconds
  • 32 character LCD display with counter
  • Quiet, office friendly design
  • Easy to operate with inbuilt safety features
  • Optional SSD Adapter
  • Log system printable reports show: Processing Company; Degausser Model & Serial No; Media owner; Operator / Supervisor Name; Media information
  • Provides a complete destruction solution
The Compact V-Spike Destroyer

The Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer (MVC-V-SSD) adds a new dimension to physical destruction of SSDs by combining V-Spike Technology that disables SSD Electronic Components.

The MVC-V-SSD also destroys and renders unusable or unreadable by normal means, other miniaturized electronic devices and data storage media including USBs, PDAs, cell/smart phones and circuit boards. The crusher delivers 20 tons (40,000 lbs) of destructive forces with up to 187 piercings of the SSD media.

The MediaDice SSD Disintegrator.
The MediaDice SSD Disintegrator is a continuous cycle knife mill that disintegrates SSDs at a rate of 360 per hour (average 1 SSD every 10 seconds).

The MD-SSD is compact and portable, and designed for facilities such as data centers that need to destroy large volumes of SSDs on site, before they leave their secure facility. Its footprint is about the size of a small floor-standing photo copier/printer.

The SSDs are fed into the machine manually or via an auto loader, and disintegrated by a powerful knife mill that repeatedly chops the media until it is reduced to particles of 2 mm or less. The disintegrated particles are then vacuumed through a metal screen and into a debris collection bin.

The MHDD-N Manually Operated Destroyer is NSA/CSS Approved and is extremely operator friendly. The user need only insert the hard drive into the slot, close the safety door and turn the easy to turn handle 8 rotations. The destroyer also pushes the hard drive out for easy removal. This simple operation takes approximately 8 seconds or less.

The MX2-N Motor Operated Destroyer is NSA/CSS Approved and enables the user to operate the unit hands free. Inserting the hard drive and closing the safety door automatically starts the destruction process, allowing destruction every 10 seconds (12 seconds for 50 Hz units). If power is interrupted the operator has the manual operated handle to continue. No interruption or setup. Simply grasp the handle and continue the operation manually. A feature none of the competition can claim.

The MX2-U Universal Power Destroyer is the third in our series of hard drive destroyers. The Model MX2-U gives the user versatility in all environments and operates in three power modes: Battery Power, AC Wall Power, or Manually. The battery holds a charge sufficient to destroy more than 100+ hard drives (double that with the optional battery pack).

The Disintegrater.
Disintegrate hard disks, disks, tapes (backup, CCTV, Surveillance, and Audio), Mobile phones, PDAs, CDs, Memory Sticks, and DVDs down to 1mm if required. It is virtually SILENT and only uses a standard 220-240V power source.

It is totally mobile and is easily transportable. It will fit in most lifts for deployment into office blocks.

For security it reduces to 6, 3 and even 1 mm (almost “dust”) particles.

Eyecote International Complete magnetic media erasure, degauss for security hard drives, server drives, tapes, floppy disks, video, DAT, data


We reserve the right to amend all specifications without notice.

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