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The New Rackmount Dual Sanitizer - Degausser and Physical Destroyer

Key Features

  • Full degauss with 25 second thru-put (with fast charging)
  • Foot print: Rack mountable 12 to 14 RUs
  • Mobile or Fixed server rack
  • Media: Any size HDD up to 4"x6"x1"
  • Dual Tier System timing of Degauss/Crush cycle
  • Magnetic Field: 2.0 Tesla minimum
  • Highest Standards of Worker and Environmental Health and Safety (OSHA and CE compliant)
  • HEPA Filtration to trap any airborne debris particles
  • Fully automated, safe, simple hands-free operation
  • Locking Drawer to collect and securely store destroyed media
  • Radio Frequency and Electro-Magnetic Interference abatement.
  • Mode setting and options menu


Media Destruction at Source
The MVR-DS is compact and portable, and designed for
facilities such as data centers that need to sanitize
HDDs on site, before they leave their secure facility.

Destruction Modality and Specifications
The HDDs are fed into the machine, degaussed and crushed within 25 seconds, rendering them inoperable and unusable.

Comprehensive System Status
The touch screen display provides comprehensive Real Time Flux Monitoring during discharge cycle.

Debris Collection and Disposal

Destroyed HDDs are discharged directly into a locked collection bin for safe and secure disposal.

Fully Automated Operation
The MVR-DS is fully automated for ease of use and user safety. There is never any need to handle potentially harmful debris.

Worker and Environmental Health and Safety
Fully automated, hands-free operation for user safety

Potentially hazardous debris accumulates in a locked collection bin until safely disposed.

HEPA Filtration system traps any potentially harmful airborne particulates from the crushing and shattering of circuit boards, electronic components, and silicon-based memory and integrated circuit chips.

RFI and EMI Suppression to minimize interference with other electronic equipment in the vicinity

Quiet and Safe Operation per OSHA for workplace standards.

Machine automatically powers off to conserve energy

Power Requirements
Power requirements: 110±10% VAC, 50/60 Hz 15
Amps. Or 230±10% VAC, 50/60 Hz 15 Amps


Product Specifications

Model MVR-DS
Machine Weight (Excluding packaging and crating) 250 lbs. – 110 volt model
266 lbs. – 220 volt model
Machine Dimensions 30.5" H x 30" W x 25" D
Shipping Weight 315 lbs. – 110 volt model
331 lbs. – 220 volt model
Shipping Dimensions 55” x 36” x 31 ” (H x L x W)


We reserve the right to amend all specifications without notice.

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